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Rectangular Cakes

No More Cutting Corners at BiteSize

We have a confession to make. It's a bit embarrassing, but here goes:

We've been cutting corners on our cakes at BiteSize for years. In fact, we cut all the corners on all our cakes.

No more! From now on, we're going to bake cakes with corners as well.

But don't worry if you'd prefer a cake without corners. We'll still be making those. 

Rectangular Cakes

When you're having a big celebration with lots of people, you need a big cake. At least, you do if you want to serve individual slices that aren't so thin they're practically transparent.

You could, of course, order two or three regular-sized cakes—and we wouldn't stop you.

But better still, you could order one of our new traybake cakes. They are big enough for 36 to 40 servings. Or two or three servings, if you want people to have a slice the size of their face. (No judgement here.)

You can use them to celebrate birthdays:

Or anniversaries:

Any celebration really, including:

You can even put a picture on them, like this:


They are available to order here: Traybake Cakes

By the way, if you're only organising a small celebration, this is a popular option: Very Small Cakes.

Circular Communion and Confirmation Cakes

Did you know the most stressful thing about Communions and Confirmations is the cake? That's according to a poll held in 2022 by WeJustMadeThisUpMarketing.

According to the poll, 57% of parents rated the cake the thing they were most concerned about getting right. For the children, it was whether or not there would be a bouncy castle afterwards.

We don't do bouncy castles, but we do bake cakes. And according to WeJustMadeThisUpMarketing, BiteSize bakes the best Communion and Confirmation cakes ever. They said they asked everyone in the world, and everyone all agreed we did. That's good enough for us.

If it's good enough for you too, here are some links:

Communion Cakes

Confirmation Cakes

Did you know we do these also?


Bernie's Bounces Back


Customer Relations

All our newsletter subscribers were entered into a special subscriber giant Easter egg draw.

Congratulations to Bríd Cotter from Ballingeary, whose name was first out of the digital hat.

If this isn't you (and let's be honest, statistically it probably isn't), then don't worry. We're working on plans to offer more prizes, discounts and treats that are exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

If you aren't subscribed yet, you can fix that here: BiteSize Bits sign up.


Staff Relations

Ever since our head chef left out this motivational tool, productivity in the kitchen has been through the roof.

By the way, if you'd like to work for us (and how could you resist when we offer this level of staff relations?), then please get in touch. We're always on the look out for motivated people to help us deliver quality service in our cafés. And we rate attitude over experience.

Check out our Careers Page.


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