We’re Cashing in on the Latest Craze

We’re Cashing in on the Latest Craze

Have you joined in yet? The new craze? Everyone is at it.

We’re not the kind of people who get carried away and jump on a bandwagon. But we have to admit, even we’ve become swept up in the latest popular trend. In fact, everyone at BiteSize has got themselves one of the hot, new, must-have things:


If you haven’t got yourself a birthday yet, we can highly recommend getting one. They’re brilliant fun. And they last a lifetime, so they are very sustainable as well.

Inevitably, a whole industry has sprung up around birthdays, offering all sorts of accessory packs.

Big announcement: we’ve launched our very own range of birthday accessories. We call them ‘Birthday Cakes’™️ and they look like this:

Child's birthday cake with big chocolate curls on it
Or like this:
Sometimes like this:
Rectangular birthday cake topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate curl decorations. It has a 'Happy Birthday Kate" inscription plaque on it, and is finished with a selection of summer flowers, summer fruit and big chocolate curls.
Obviously, we have trademarked ‘Birthday Cakes’™️ and you absolutely cannot get them anywhere else in Ireland. Seriously, don’t even bother trying to look. Don’t google them; it’s a waste of time. Instead, click here: Birthday Cakes™️

BiteSize in the Wild

A selection of BiteSize baked treats on display at a farmers market in Cork, Ireland

You might think BiteSize treats are sedentary and never stray outside of their fixed locations in Ballincollig, Douglas and Midleton. This is not true. Quite the opposite, in fact. BiteSize treats migrate twice a week.

The best spots to see this migration are Mahon Point Farmers Market (Thursdays from 10:00 to 15:00) and Midleton Farmers Market (Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00).

And BiteSize spotting is a family friendly activity too.

Even better, BiteSize treats aren’t a bit shy. In fact, they really enjoy human company and have no problem coming home with you. You can get special carry cots on location.

Someone being handed a box of BiteSize baked treats at a farmers market in Cork, Ireland

RedFM Discount Code Alert 🚨

It’s hard to believe, but some people have never heard of BiteSize. Even people who live in Cork.

Upon hearing this news, you might react like this:


Maybe even:


Or, if you own BiteSize:


Which makes the marketing department feel like:


So we’ve asked RedFM to help us do something about it. (This was an easier option than setting up our own radio station.)

Throughout June, July and August, BiteSize will be popping up on RedFM. It’ll be worthwhile listening out for when we do, because a special discount code will be called out on RedFM that you can apply when you buy from our online shop.

We’d like to tell you what it is here, but if we did, the owner of BiteSize would make us:


Public Service Announcement

How to order cake: Click Here.

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