Welcome to the new Bitesize Canapés website and blog
WebTeam | 15 November
Its been a busy few weeks for BiteSize Canapés with a lot of events both corporate and private, while also finalising our new website and branding We started
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Some of the Canapés that went to Blizzard Entertainment...
WebTeam | 02 November
Some of the canapés that went to Blizzard Entertainment in Blackpool last night for the launch of their new on line game "Mists of Pandaria". http://eu.
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Giant meringues canapés at Mahon Point Farmers Market this morning...
WebTeam | 27 September
Giant meringues at Mahon Point Farmers Market this morning - only 1 euro If you haven’t been down to Mahon Point yet make next Thursday the day! The Market
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